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Condominium Act

Ontario's Condominium Act

The act provides strong protection for buyers by setting out information (e.g. whether the developer intends to lease some of the units) to be provided when they buy a unit. It makes sure owners have a say in the way the corporation is run.

In a condominium, the Board of Directors appoints a professional condominium management company to manage the common elements and assets of the Condominium Corporation.

The role of the professional condominium management company, is to provide quality and timely information to the Condominium homeowners' elected representatives (the Board of Directors). This enables the Board to make informed policy decisions pertaining to the preservation and care of the common elements and assets of the Condominium Corporation, as well as the welfare, safety and lifestyle of the residents. Once the Board has made a decision, the condominium management company is delegated and entrusted with the responsibility of implementing that decision in an expeditious and efficient fashion.

The Condominium Act, 1998


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